Memorial insurance?


Why get memorial insurance?

Ensure that you have complete peace of mind.

Subsidence and accidental damage are possible issues. Insurance can ensure damage, from minor repairs to total replacement, is rectified very quickly. Typically, claims received by insurers are as a result of damage from lawn mowers, falling trees and subsidence, or from preventative measures taken by local councils when they feel a memorial stone may be unsafe.


Which insurer should you go with? have compared MemorialProtect (Reich Insurance Brokers Ltd) against Stoneguard (Bridge Insurance Brokers Ltd) so that you can see clearly the difference in pricing for memorial insurance for a 5 year period. We identified that MemorialProtect was 5% cheaper across all values of memorials. Their online process is also simple, quick and stress free, compared to Stoneguard which requires you speaking with them.

There are possibly more insurance firms out there offering memorial insurance, which we would like to feature, so please do send these to us, so we can review and add to the site.

We always advise you to read the terms and conditions of the policies in detail to ensure that the cover is the same. Price is a factor but shouldn’t be the only factor when considering insurance for your loved one’s memorial.

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Protect the memorial or headstone of your loved one.

Memorial Protects insurance will protect the memorial headstone of your loved one for just a few pounds per month.

  • Peace of mind with insurance underwritten by Zurich Insurance

  • Insurance protects against vandalism, falling trees, subsidence and adverse weather conditions

  • Get a quote and buy the policy online in just a few minutes

  • Public Liability included with a £2m limit of indemnity

  • The policy lasts for 5 years and can be renewed


Memorial Protect is a trading style of Reich Insurance Brokers Limited who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Memorial Headstone Restoration or renovation

We understand that taking care of memorial gravestones is important to ensure a memorial best commemorates the life and values of the deceased.

It is for this reason that we put you in touch with the leading suppliers across the UK who provide a meticulous headstone restoration service that can be carried out on all forms of memorial headstones and gravestones to the highest standards.

From the cleaning of marble memorials, granite headstones and gravestones with kerbs to adding extra lettering and inscriptions on the headstone, there are many services which can be offered through our memorial renovation services.

In terms of pricing, our friendly and experienced team will respond to enquiries with an itemised quote to the memorials specific requirements.

However, as a general idea, here are some guide prices for common gravestone restoration dependant on area of the UK:

  • Clean marble headstone - from £175

  • Clean marble kerb set and headstone - from £275

  • Clean granite headstone - from £100

  • Clean granite kerb set and headstone - from £215

  • Re-fix headstone to base - from £145

  • Re-fix component parts of kerbset - dependent on inspection

The gravestone memorial restoration work is carried out by skilled restorers. This means that all customers obtain the product they were hoping for and the stone that best celebrates the memory of their friend or family member.

Replacement and Additional Inscriptions

An existing headstone inscription may have to be repaired or replaced from time to time. We can also add additional lettering to gravestone inscriptions - the cost of this will be dependent on both the memorial type and the style of the inscription.

Please complete the below form and we will source multiple quotes from your local headstone & memorial specialists.

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