Every life story is unique. It deserves to be told in a way that reflects your loved one’s journey.

Tailored, Personalised & Respected.

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What is a funeral celebrant?

Celebrant led funerals celebrate the true meaning of life by transforming the stories of your loved ones life and creating a ceremony that truly reflects them.

Although standard funeral services are often associated with sadness, a Celebrant led funeral can transform such sorrow into something that establishes a more sincere emotional connection.

The ceremony is the most important part of the funeral, the words said on the day will be left as a reflection of their life and your loved one’s story deserves to be told in a way and in a location that does exactly that. This not only pays respect to the one that has passed but offers comfort to you as the family and friends attending.

What does a celebrant do?

Working closely with a Celebrant to plan the funeral can often bring forth happy memories and stories otherwise forgotten and facilitates a much more enriching way of dealing with loss. So families and loved ones can better remember the life lived by their departed.

Celebrants will generally meet with you prior to the funeral itself and hear the stories of your loved one’s life plus any thoughts or ideas you have for their ceremony. They will bring this together into a bespoke ceremony that honours their memory.

Celebrants will also talk you through music choice or any other symbolic additions you may like to include in the ceremony.

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firstfunerals have partnered with The Celebrant Directory to provide you with a range of Celebrants to suit each family and your journey through your loved ones funeral.

The Celebrant Directory, established in September 2017 hosts hundreds of celebrants from across the UK and abroad to offer families the chance to find a celebrant that will write and perform a celebrant that truly reflects the life of their loved one.

We realise that not everyone is the same, nor resonates with everyone. With over 250 celebrants featured on the site, this is the place to go to find a celebrant that suits you whilst giving you a place to read reviews and enquiry directly with trust.

About The Celebrant Directory Founder


Jennifer Claire, a celebrant herself for 9 years, is an award winning and leading influencer in the Celebrant profession. Jennifer is passionate about choice. She believes that everyone should be able to decide what is included in the funeral ceremony of their loved one. They deserve to choose who they want to write and lead one of the most important moments in life.

“Saying goodbye to a loved one can be one of the hardest things we face as human beings. After many years or even just a few days on this earth, every person should be treated as special, unique and memorable and deserve to have a ceremony that offers comfort to the family and respect to the loved one passed.

Every family deserves the choice of who the person is to be trusted with this important ceremony and the directory, and sites like firstfunerals, gives them the chance to do just this; say goodbye in their own way” Jennifer says.